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The long awaited announcement, heard around the globe, was announced on June 12th, 2022.  No more Covid testing required to enter the United States.  This was a sign of how far our world had come and how travel was about to explode.

What does this mean for travelers moving forward? This means that when you travel out of the country, regardless of your vaccination status, you do not need to provide a negative Covid test to return to the US. This is such a relief for everybody as so many were fearful to travel out of the country with the risk that they would not be able to return. This large weight has now been lifted and we are seeing international travel booming once again. 

Please see some of our FAQ below:

Q:  Do you have to be vaccinated to travel out of the country?
A:  This depends on where you are traveling, some countries have different rules.  This is something that one of our agents at Bernbach Travel can answer for you for each destination.  

Q:  Are masks required in other countries?
A:  This is something that we are seeing less and less of now, however, some do still have this policy for indoor venues.

Q:  Do you have to take a Covid 19 test prior to travel?
A:  It is no longer required to take a Covid 19 test to travel, another step in getting back to normal.

Q:  What is the turnaround time for passports, we hear they are taking 6 months?
A:  While this was true for quite some time during the pandemic, passports are now back to regular turn around time of 7-10 weeks.

Q:  Are there any All-Inclusive options in the US?
A:  There are some options within the US Virgin Islands that one of our agents at Bernbach Travel would be happy to discuss with you. 

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