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Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights

As a seasoned travel agent, I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit Universal Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights, and I’m thrilled to share my spine-tingling experience with all of you. This annual event is a must-see for any thrill-seeker, and I couldn’t resist the temptation to explore it for myself this year. I could honestly write a whole book about everything I experienced but I’ll narrow down things and talk about 2 of the houses I experienced.

Stranger Things: Are YOU a fan of Stranger Things? To sum it all it, the Stranger Things Haunted House is well…A Journey into the Upside Down! If you’re a fan of this hit Netflix series, this will definitely be for you. It’s the crown jewel of Halloween Horror Nights- seriously! From the moment you step into the eerie town of Hawkins, Indiana, you’re transported into the supernatural world of the Upside Down. The attention to detail in recreating iconic scenes and characters is astounding. It’s like you’ve stepped directly into the show…literally. The Demogorgon, Eleven, and the Byers’ house are brought to life in chilling fashion. It’s an unforgettable experience for fans of the show for sure!!

So let’s talk about Chuckys Revenge…Playtime Turned Nightmare Chucky…weird right? The diminutive doll of our nightmares has his own haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights. You’ll find yourself feeling lost and a little scared (LOL) in a twisted toy store filled with possessed dolls, and the menacing Chucky himself. The level of horror and suspense created in this attraction is pretty impressive. Chucky’s Revenge is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re looking for a good scare, or maybe the feeling of a GIANT nightmare chucky head coming towards you- it’s an absolute must-visit.

The Atmosphere: It’s A Perfect Blend of Fear and Fun – What truly sets HHN apart is the immersive atmosphere throughout the entire park. Universal goes above and beyond to create a spine-chilling environment, with terrifying scare zones, street performers in gruesome costumes, and ghoulish creatures lurking around every corner. And the shows. The Nightmare Fuel Revenge Dream show was.. AMAZING. The park is transformed into a nightmarish wonderland, perfect for those who crave a real good scare. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear a chainsaw chasing after you?? Or a Death Eater walking around the World of Harry Potter look you dead in the eye with a knife in it’s hand…so fun!

So now that you’ve probably felt a slight adrenaline rush and want to experience HHN, Let’s Plan Your Visit! Now, let’s talk logistics. Halloween Horror Nights typically runs from early September through the first week of November. My number one tip is if you want to be guaranteed to see all houses AND more – splurge on the RIP Tour. They also offer Express Passes for HHN, but even if you don’t want those, knowing a few of these tips may help you time it all out just right…

– Stay & Scream: If you already have park admission the day of your HHN ticket, you can stay & scream meaning you will NOT have to exit the park, instead you will be placed in a holding area while the park transforms into HHNs. This gives you a head start on getting in line early for your first haunted house. My goal was to get to the Stranger Things house first and I was one of the first 100 people in line by doing this!

– Stay Hydrated and Fed: There’s nothing worse than standing in line and being hungry or thirsty. Purchase a special HHN souvenir cup to keep hydrated throughout the day and night with refills at the Coca-Cola stations. Don’t forget to try all the unique HHN food like Peanut Blooder Smash Burger or the Pizza Fries.

Universal Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights is an exhilarating experience- So, if you’re looking for a spooky adventure that marries fear and fun, I wholeheartedly recommend having any of our awesome agents at Bernbach Travel assist you with planning a visit during Halloween Horror Nights.

Stay spooky, Y’all!